Thermocouples Gas Boiler Spares



This Thermocouple will fit Baxi Bermuda Fire, RG.VP.401.551.552.25/1.50/3.675


Ref: T50-450

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Cannon,Flavel T99-450M10

This is used on Cannon Caress, Flavel Emberglow, Classic, Oakleigh and Classique.

Ref: T99-450M10

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Fire Universal T67-900GFU

Gas Fire Universal 900MM

Ref: T67-900GFU

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple T41-750M9

This is used on Ideal Mexico super CF30/40. RS30/40.RS40/60. RS100P. super 2.

Ref: T41-750M9

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Glowworm T30-900

This is used on Glowworm Camelot, Capricorcn, Economy, Galaxie, Majorca, Royale. Thermocouple ITT 36" 900MM

Ref: T30-900

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Main T112-300M10

This is used on Main Avon, Mersey, Bristol, Trent, Bristol, Deluxe, Carina, Medina. Main Medway

Ref: T112-300M10

Price: £8.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Honeywell Q309A 900MM

This is used on Baxi Range, Ideal Concord Range and Glowworm range. This will fit the Honeywell Gas Valve

Ref: T50-900


Price: £6.00 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Super Universal 900MM


Price: £6.90 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Thorn Apollo T99-700I

This is used on Myson Apollo, Fanfare 15/30, 30/50, 15/30B, 15/30C, 30, 50B, 30/50C

Ref: T99-700I

Price: £9.80 (Ex VAT)

Thermocouple Thorn M T86-900SP

This is used on Thorn M and Myson Marathorn 40 to 150. Minor, R-CA

Ref: T86-900SP

Price: £6.00 (Ex VAT)
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